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 88   Positive   r m x
Name Lien    Date 2010/02/08
Thanks so much Reina!

I received my package last Friday. I'm so satified with all the items; it fitted me perfectly.( I felt really skeptical  at first because size were always an issue I have when ordering  online.) Thanks for your service I was able to order from any Korean's websites I want. Just to let you know I will order again soon.
 87   Positive <3   r m x
Name Jaja    Date 2010/02/08
I have nothing but good words about her service. She's an excellent seller with her quick responses, and she's always so accommodating even after the transaction is done :)
 86   Positivee   r m x
Name Juliana    Date 2010/02/07
Thank you Reina !
The package came yesterday and i'm very happy! Thank you for answering my annoying emails even thought my order was small~
I will definitely come back soon !
 85   Positive   r m x
Name Jennifer    Date 2010/02/06
Excellent service! :D
I wanted her to buy me two wigs. She replied everytime really fast and nice, and after everything was settled, she ordered very quickly.
She informed me when the package arrived and shipped it really fast after I had paid the shipping costs.
The package got stuck in the customs office, but I had to pay anything, 'cause she devalued it, marked it as a gift and put on a nice card.
So everything was perfect! I'm really happy and recommend her to everyone!
Thank you very much, Reina!
 84   POSITIVE -BIG SHOW 2010   r m x
Name gracielle    Date 2010/02/05
Reina is simply the best!!!  :D me and my friends just got home from korea yesterday, we had a blast during our stay there. and one of the reasons why we had a great time there was because of reina. :D

it was my first time ordering tickets  online and i can say that she exceeded my/our expectations not only that, it felt like we found a new friend in her.
thanks for everything, we have seen your little note by the way, that's really sweet of you. me, isha and kat are looking forward to seeing you again. have a great day! take care! AJA!!!

---gracielle,isha, kat
 83   positive   r m x
Name rana    http://- Date 2010/02/03
it was my first time using reina's shopping service; she was super sweet throughout our transaction & shipping was speedy as well. i love the bag! i definitely look forward to using her service again soon. :]
 82   great ++++++   r m x
Name Jessy    Date 2010/02/02
she helped me order stuff from gmarket. though gmarket was slow itself but items from her came here in less than a week! Super fast. I'll definitely be back again.
 81   Positive +++++   r m x
Name Alice    Date 2010/02/02
I've received my package today!!
Although they were a little issue with the customs but everything settled!!

I'm happy with Reina's quick response from the beginning till the end.


By the way, this is my first time using Reina's service and i definitely will go for her service again!!

Yup, will go for Concert Ticket!!!

Thanks Again, Reina^^*
 80   Positive +++   r m x
Name Nayu    Date 2010/01/30
I've received my package today, it's so fast it took only one week to arrive in France.

Everything is perfect.

Once again : thanks a lot <3
 79   Positive <3   r m x
Name April Date 2010/01/28
I got my wig today! Thank you so much! I love it!

It is my first time using Reina's service and I think she is fantastic :) She let me know when my items were ready to ship and when they arrived (quickly I might add) everything was well packaged. I would definitely use her service again!
 78   Big Show   r m x
Name ChaMiE    Date 2010/01/28
Reina thank you so much for the ticket and also the great service...

I'm so satisfied that you also gave me lot's advice and being so kind..

The ticket also arrived so fast ^^

Once again thanks and yorobun if you want to order concert ticket, reina is definitely a highly recommended place to trust ^^
 77   Positive   r m x
Name Jenny    Date 2010/01/28
How sweet your card is Reina. I love my items so much. first, i was a little bit worried about the quality, but they're so good. thank u Reina, i will be back in the summer ;))
 76   Positive   r m x
Name Hassania    Date 2010/01/26
Amazing services ! When i first order i was not sure if i would be able to have a ticket for the Big Show, but i have one! Fast reply and fast shipping ^^
And she gives a lot of information too ^^
If you want to go to an idol concert, it's the best address to have a ticket when you live overseas !
 75   positive!   r m x
Name jia    Date 2010/01/25
great service! I would've liked replies to be a bit more prompt but overall still very efficient and straightforward (: fast shipping too! definitely would order again esp concert tickets :D
 74   Positive~   r m x
Name Katie    Date 2010/01/23
Ah-ma-zing! ^_^
got my package yesterday, and it was so fast! ONLY ONE WEEK.

great service which i will definitely use again! :)

 73   Positive   r m x
Name Anh Van    Date 2010/01/22
Amazing service!~ Lots of options on the shipping. Even tho, I chose the cheapest, package still arrived earlier than expected. Highly recommend to others and it was great doing business once again.
 72   Positive!   r m x
Name Hayleigh    Date 2010/01/22
My package arrived today in perfect condition!

Reina runs a professional, reliable and efficient shopping service. The entire process was straightforward and I felt that her service fees and shipping fees were very fair. I loved my free gift too!

This is my first time ordering through this service and I will definitely be using it again. Thank you!

 71   Positive!!   r m x
Name l-article Date 2010/01/21
Super late review!! Sorry Reina!! I forgot to do the review the first time..and this past one..
Anyways, your service is just perfect! The packages arrive on time and everything's perfect!
I also love the gift that you sent in the December giveaway~~ [My friend let me use her paypal since I don't have one..] I was afraid the shoes wouldn't to my big feet...but they did! Yay!!

Thanks sooo much!! I'll definitely continue shopping through you. :]
 70   Positive   r m x
Name Nurfauzanna    Date 2010/01/20
First time ordering but thanks to friends review, hooked now. Perfect service. Fantastic communication and understanding. Package arrived on time as promised. Will definitely do business again. Thank you, Reina.
 69   Positive+++   r m x
Name Anh    Date 2010/01/18
Excellent service thtoughout. Great communucation and Reina offered a lot of advice. Thanks for answering my questions. The package arrives safely, ontime and very well-packed.
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