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 68   Positive   r m x
Name Monica    Date 2010/01/10
2nd time ordering and once again i'm very satisfied! Best shopping service ever!! Thank you so much Reina!
Best wishes for 2010.
 67   Positive   r m x
Name Enore    Date 2010/01/08
Second time ordering, and excellent service, as always! :D
Thanks for the adorable christmas card and gift~
 66   Positive A++   r m x
Name Sumie    Date 2009/12/31 3rd time ordering?
well no complain again, high praise, everything is ALWAYS amazing & super. she never ignores special requests etc.
never had a better shopping service so far.
love you reina =)
 65   Positive A++   r m x
Name Mary    Date 2009/12/18
Received the package today! Thanks again, love the free gift and Christmas card ^^
 64   positive   r m x
Name Helen    Date 2009/12/17
I forgot..
We also had a gift and card in our package! How sweet wasn´t  that!
She cares about her customers!
 63   Positive   r m x
Name Lizzy    Date 2009/12/17
My second time ordering, and again, couldn't be happier.
Communication was good, goods were well packaged, shipping is cheap but fast. One item was sold out and I promptly received a refund. Thank you for the card and cute presents, ordering from you is always a pleasure!
 62   Oh yeah,, its positve all the way..:-)   r m x
Name Helen    Date 2009/12/17
Everything went smooth as expected..Ordering shipping and communication. Reina  provides excellent service as always. If anything is sold out she mails right away so you get a chance to order something else. I always choose Korea's own "small package" as shipping method which is very affordable compared to others.  Just perfect! I´ll be right back with a new order. :-)
 61   Yay :D   r m x
Name Mila    Date 2009/12/17
I've ordered various things twice before. I'm finally able to leave feedback and this time too communication was great, shipping was fast and everything's awesome. You can trust Reina :D
 60   def. worth it   r m x
Name Rita    Date 2009/12/15
i was a little hesitant to order from here in the beginning, but just went with it since I realllllllyyyyyyy wanted to go to the concert she was selling tickets for and it was totally worth it. lots of communication, keeps you updated so everything was easy and i wasn't worrying as much. thank you!!!!!
 59   looooove   r m x
Name Laura    Date 2009/12/11
Awsome like always! I've orderd so many times (like once a month) and she never ever lets you down!

Reina, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!
Love the pressie tooo =D
The whole order was awsome.

 58   Positive   r m x
Name Hoi    Date 2009/12/09
Super positive! :) Good in every way and I'll definitely come back to this service again~
 57   Thank you   r m x
Name Han    Date 2009/12/08
thanks for shipping fast as you can book was in great condition ^^
will come back again
 56   A++++++   r m x
Name Win    Date 2009/12/06
This is actally my 4th? time order from her.  Her service is professional, good communication and I like how she keeps you up to date and provides different shipping options like others have mentioned. It's the best shopping service I have used and I will definitely stick with her for future orders! ^__^
 55   Positive!   r m x
Name Helen    Date 2009/12/05
I AM MORE THEN SATIESFIED WITH REINAS SERVICE! She is a real professional and gives you the best service you can think of.. Cant tell you guys how happy I am to have found her and have alrdeady placed a new order. One thing that i really like about Reina Shopping Service is that she has different shipping options I used the "small package" and saved a lot of money compared   the expensive EMS.
I had five items at my door yesterday, what can I say ..Korean fashion ROCKS!
 54   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Sheng    Date 2009/12/01
This is my first time ordering from her, but SHE'S THE BEST! She's fast w/responding to inquires, questions, and updates. Would definitely order from her again!
 53   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Monica    Date 2009/11/30
It was my first time ordering from Reina and was pretty impressed with the service! Highly recommended!!
 52   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Alyssa    Date 2009/11/27
Everything went perfect with my order! She let me knew right away once it arrived, and shipped it out very quickly after i paid for my shipping choice. a WONDERFUL transaction :)
 51   positive   r m x
Name yessica Date 2009/11/27
good communication, fast shipping ^^ will definitely come back :D
 50   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Meredith Date 2009/11/27
Reina is amazing! Not only did she purchase concert tickets for me, but she kept me updated every step of the way (and was extremely friendly too). I will definitely use her service again, as well as recommend her to my friends!
 49   Positive   r m x
Name Shazreen    Date 2009/11/26
I have to say she's really reliable.Very helpful and fast in replies.So thankful that i found her website to help me out in buying my item.I'll hope u'll continue coz i'll definitely need ur help again in the future ;)
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