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 48   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Jasmine    Date 2009/11/25
My first time using Reina's shopping service and I can say I'll definitely be back for more! Friendly, quick and fuss-free. It was a great pleasure.
 47   Positive   r m x
Name Tra-vi    Date 2009/11/24
Received the package today, and it was sent on the 18th! Super fast 8D Very nice and answered any questions that I had. Will def use her service again!
 46   Positive   r m x
Name Louise    Date 2009/11/23
The items were perfectly packaged. The shipping was super fast and communication was fast and regular. I will be back again.
 45   Positive   r m x
Name Katie    Date 2009/11/21
Perfect service :) I will definitely do business with you again. Thanks!
 44   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Bryan    Date 2009/11/20
My second purchase.. Easy as always.. Thanks..
 43   Positive   r m x
Name Crystal Date 2009/11/20
Great communication, fast shipping and a truly wonderful shopping service!  Thank you so much! :)
 42   Positive   r m x
Name Sandra    Date 2009/11/15
Awesome shopping service! Great communication, speedy shipping. I will be using her service again in the near future. :)
 41   Positive   r m x
Name Kathleen!    Date 2009/11/06
Very good communication. C:
 40   Positive!   r m x
Name Megan    Date 2009/11/06
Reina's marvelous shopping service is still fantastic. Great communication, items are always packaged well and shipped promptly. There was a bit of a mix up regarding shipping method this time, but it was handled deftly and professionally. Highly recommended!
 39   ++++   r m x
Name Jessica    Date 2009/11/06
My package arrived in 9 days! I loved my hat and scrunchie and wore them to school right away xD. Communication is fast and easy. I'm making another order this week for a Christmas present!
 38   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Machella Luna    Date 2009/11/03
Reina runs the best korean shopping service! I've used it three times and never had a single problem! She is friendly and keeps you updated along the way~ Definitely recommended~~!
 37   Positive +++   r m x
Name Nayu    Date 2009/11/02
It's a pleasure to shop with you Reina ^_^

Fast shipping, super great communication !
 36   Positive   r m x
Name KeiKei    Date 2009/11/01
My shopping service for about a year now. :)

Gotta love it.
 35   + POSITIVE +   r m x
Name Widya    Date 2009/11/01
Just receiving my first order with her.

I was pushing her too much but she still nice.

There were a tiny mistakes in the order (fault of shop) but Reina solved everything & provided refund.

I'll definitely use her service for my next order.


Thanks Reina <3
 34   Positive +++   r m x
Name milk-kei    Date 2009/10/30
Thanks a lot Reina !

It arrived so fast, and everything feets perfectly.

I'll definitely ask you again to take care of my order ^_^
 33   POSITIVE!!   r m x
Name Trang Date 2009/10/29
Thank you so much!  It arrived so soon!  Smooth communication and excellent service from Reina! <3

 32   Positive   r m x
Name R    Date 2009/10/28
 31   POSITIVE~!!   r m x
Name Bryan    Date 2009/10/27
Easy, Fast and Simple!!
Thanks for you help Reina..
 30   positive <3<3<3   r m x
Name Jennifer    Date 2009/10/26
my second order with Reina but not my last!
got all my lovely stuff!! and will order again when i have money.. thanks again Reina (>^o^)><(^o^<)*hugs*
 29   POSTITIVE +++   r m x
Name AI Date 2009/10/18
Reasonable prices, fantastic communication, prompt postage and all round impeccable service.

I will be using this service again in the future and will be recommending everyone :)

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