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 28   POSITIVE   r m x
Name chickiecherry    Date 2009/10/14
super positive !
i use this s.s from years .. all the times it's super excellent!

 27   looooove   r m x
Name laura    Date 2009/10/11
I recived all my packages and I lvoe everything! Reina, thank you once again!!!!

Loads of Love,
 26   POSITIVE!   r m x
Name Yamel ♥    Date 2009/10/10
Excellent communication and great service from both Reina and Rowky :'D

I will definetly be using this shopping service again!
 25   Positive   r m x
Name Sumie    Date 2009/10/09
Very good communication, fast & smooth transaction.
There were a few tiny mistakes in the order (fault of shop) but Reina solved everything & provided safe refund.
Recommended A++
Thank you so much!
 24   Positive   r m x
Name mk13    Date 2009/10/07
Good communication. Fast shipping. Would definitely buy from her again =)
 23   positve (times infinity XD)   r m x
Name Jennifer    Date 2009/10/05
Reina's service is super awesome!!! She is friendly and helpful and the shipping was super fast!! Normally with my other EMS packages, it takes 3 days to get to Australia, but with Reina's it took only 1 day. Highly recommended...times  infinity <3
 22   Positive   r m x
Name Lisa    Date 2009/10/04
Excellent service, so fast and easy! Reina is very friendly and helpful
 21   Positive   r m x
Name Medji    Date 2009/09/30
My shoes arrived within one week! Thank you so much, very fast and easy, I'll shop again for sure!^^
 20   Positive   r m x
Name Roosa    Date 2009/09/23
Very nice & helpful. Thanks so much. I've ordered already 2 times and there was no problems. ^^
 19   Positive   r m x
Name Amanda    Date 2009/09/23
It's easy and trustable, I'll shop again for sure.
 18   A ++   r m x
Name Andy    Date 2009/09/15
simple, easy, trustable

Repeat order : Sure
 17   Positive   r m x
Name rika Date 2009/09/15
I´m into the forth order and will definitely do more. :D everything arrives perfectly and it´s a very friendly, organized, fast and pacient service. <3
 16   Positive   r m x
Name Sophie    Date 2009/09/07
Reina was very helpful and quick to respond. Shipping was fast, and it was a smooth transaction overall. Would definitely shop again.
A+ service!
 15   Positive!   r m x
Name Sara    Date 2009/09/05
I ordered items from two diferent websites, and everything went so fast and easy! 100% great service!
Thank you!
 14   Positive :D   r m x
Name Nicola    Date 2009/09/02
Fast shipping, quick to reply to emails and I would definately order from again!
 13   Positive! <3   r m x
Name Charlotte    Date 2009/09/01
I had no problems with the order, the shipping and the items!
Excellent service!
Thanks for the brooch and the little postcard ^^
 12   Positive   r m x
Name Milan Date 2009/08/18
Excellent service! Great communication and the package was received in only 3 days, and everything was packaged well and carefully. There were some small misunderstandings in which some items were missing, but only because they sold out. Thanks again for everything Reina! I'll be back :)
 11   ★★Positive★★   r m x
Name Lucy    Date 2009/08/06
Recieved package faster than I expected, great service, neat package!

Reina offers an amazing shopping service (:
 10   ++ Positive ++   r m x
Name Suzuran    Date 2009/08/04
Excellent service! Great person to deal with and I got my package faster than expected! 100% recommended to everyone. I'm hoping to do another order soon.
 9   Sechuna Feedback   r m x
Name Cathy    Date 2009/08/01
Positive! <3
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