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 508   Positive   r m x
Name Sonja    Date 2013/07/18
Thanks to Reina I was able to go to 2pm's concert in seoul. The service is excellent, she answers every question.

Thank you, you're the best!  I will order from you again ^_^
 507   Positive   r m x
Name Lalaine    Date 2013/07/02
I watched GD show last March and at first she said she cannot get me a ticket.  However later on she got me two tickets at a very good location.

Reina, you are the BEST!
 506   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Doraemon    Date 2013/07/01
This is second time I use Reina's service. And it's still very good

Thank you very much!
 505   Positive   r m x
Name Lynn    Date 2013/06/20
ordered SNSD Girls&Peace World Tour and Reina able to get the tickets. Though is not the seats that I wanted but is still gd coz I was able to be in the concert itself. I was able to receive the ticket before I fly off so no panic! Thank you Reina!

ps: she will only reply on weekends :)
 504   VERY POSITIVE   r m x
Name Bobby    Date 2013/06/13
Ordered SNSD Girls&Peace World Tour in Seoul concert ticket and received it on time. The concert was amazing and I enjoyed my time there. Very smooth transaction with excellent communication, fast shipping and great customer service.
In the future, I will definitely order from u again and also I will recommend you to anyone.
Thank you Reina!!!  You are the best !!!
 503   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Yihui    Date 2013/06/07
Ordered concert tickets from her and had some problem receiving one of the tickets. But Reina was very quick at rectifying the problem and all was well in the end. I really appreciate the effort put in to help me locate the tickets. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and will order from you again. Thank You!!
 502   Positive   r m x
Name Doraemon    Date 2013/06/07
This is the first time I use Reina's service. Totally good. Thank you very much :((
 501   Positive   r m x
Name Daria    Date 2013/06/05
It was my second time using this shopping service and it's still the best! Thank you Reina!
 500   Positive   r m x
Name Jracfalle    Date 2013/06/01
Ordered a ticket for the 2013 dream concert. Although it was sold out, reina tried her best to look for any extra tickets. She was able to get one and mailed it to my hotel. Great service! She makes you feel special! I recommend her to anyone!
 499   Positive   r m x
Name Soo Star    Date 2013/05/31
Excellent service and fair offers~ safe to use

If you order a concert ticket, keep in mind that Reina only can work on weekends.
 498   Positive   r m x
Name Daniella    Date 2013/05/14
Reina, I cannot thank you enough!

Excellent service, excellent communication, excellent organisation 100/100

My package arrived safely and everything was packaged nicely too.

I will be ordering again! Thank you!
 497   Positive   r m x
Name Maria    Date 2013/04/25
Thank you so much for another pleasant transaction.
Great communication and
overall excellent service.
My package arrived securely and fast.
I will definitely be ordering again.
 496   Positive   r m x
Name Malorie    Date 2013/04/24
First time using Reina's service and my package arrived safely. The shipping was really quick and she answered any questions/concerns I had. She also left a small note in the package which I thought was very nice of her! Thank you so much, I will definitely be using your service again :)
 495   Positive   r m x
Name Antonin Vieux    Date 2013/04/13
An other order done here, and I am again very satisfied, great service, good communication.
 494   Positive   r m x
Name Fiona    Date 2013/04/13
Reina helped me get concert tickets to BoA's Here I Am, Big Bang's Alive Tour and Jaejoong's Your My Mine. Even though our seats were split up for BoA's concert, we were still super glad we got to attend the concert.
Also, our request for Big Bang tickets was super last minute and yet we all managed to get awesome seats so thanks a bunch Reina! :D
 493   Positive   r m x
Name wansze    Date 2013/04/12
Thanks to Reina. Great Service from Reina and answered all my questions. I had good 2nd floor VIP zone seats. I will definitely use Reina service to any concert in Seoul !!
 492   positive   r m x
Name Maria de la Luz    Date 2013/04/12
Thank you Reina, she got my tickets for the ALIVE GALAXY TOUR :THE FINAL  en Seul de BIGBANG, made my dream come true so I'm very grateful and totally recommend, would buy with it, thanks
 491   positive   r m x
Name Eve    Date 2013/04/11
Got my tickets to GD's concert in seoul through Reina. Her emails were clear & she is really nice. Would definitely recommend her!

Thank you for the awesome tickets! It's an experience that I won't forget. :)
 490   positive   r m x
Name Kristina    Date 2013/04/06
Thank you so much (again) for helping me with Super Show and G-Dragon's concert. It was awesome!
 489   positive   r m x
Name ayyta @ayyta_SYG9 Date 2013/04/05
I'm very thankful for Reina. I bought tix for GD's concert. I had a some problems with my card, but Reina was too patient, and help for me. Thank U very much!)))
We got a wonder seats, it was best concert of ma life)))) I saw GD's red eyebrow! It like that was so close. I know, in the future, I'll use Reina's service and I'll go to any concert surely!
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