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 488   Positive   r m x
Name Renata    Date 2013/04/04
I'm very satisfied with my order. Reina is very sweet and always answered my questions. Great service. Thanks.
 487   positive   r m x
Name riz    Date 2013/04/01
It's the first time I tried getting tickets from Reina and everything went smoothly. Reina got me good seats and instructions were very clear. Thank you!!!
 486   Positive   r m x
Name Nabila    Date 2013/03/31
I ordered concert ticket that's usually hard to get through Reina and she really made it! She promised to finalize my order on certain date and though I was anxious waiting for her news, she told me on time and got me a reallyyyyy good seat!! Obviously will be ordering from Reina again next time. Thank you!!! :D
 485   Positive   r m x
Name linda Date 2013/03/30
first time ordered ticket concert with Reina and it turned out great! it was very hard to get shinhwa concert ticket cuz sold out in few minutes but Reina managed to get one for me and it was veryyyy good spot. Thnk you so much. will be ordering from you again for next concert :)
 484   Positive   r m x
Name Mara    Date 2013/03/25
I've used this service multiple times to get concert tickets and always been pleased!! Reina has never failed to get me tickets - Big Bang, Super Junior, SHINee, SMTown...all fantastic.  Thanks so much Reina!!! I won't buy tickets anywhere else.
 483   Positive   r m x
Name Jin    Date 2013/03/23
Great Service. Received my x2 Bratson F.T.S. Pink cap. Highly recommend this Korean shopping service. Left a nice little note in shipping box from Reina. The best, thanks.
 482   Positve   r m x
Name Bicoy Date 2013/03/20
I ordered tickets for TVXQ's Catch Me concert in Seoul and she got me tickets for both days!! I will definitely order tickets from you again sometime in the future -- another TVXQ concert.  Though I got very nervous when the tickets haven't arrived a few days before I depart to Seoul. But eventually it did and with a nice little note from Reina as well. Thank you very much!!! Until next time
 481   Positive   r m x
Name Kristina    Date 2013/03/17
Best shopping service ever! Thank you so much for helping me, Reina! ^^
 480   Positive   r m x
Name MH    Date 2013/03/17
I ordered concert tickets. Reina's replies were always on schedule, and she got us great seats. I highly recommend Reina's shopping service. Much thanks to you!!
 479   Positive   r m x
Name Miryeong    Date 2013/02/27
Very professional, expedient, and nice transaction overall.  Reina promptly answered all my questions, and provided accurate timelines.  Definitely looking forward to making another purchase with her!
 478   Positive   r m x
Name Maria    Date 2013/02/24
Honestly the best Korean shopping service.
Very friendly, reliable, and promptly service.
I received my package fast and in perfect condition.
Thank you so much and will definitely be ordering again.
 477   Positive   r m x
Name rentop    Date 2013/02/08
I ordered BigBang tickets  for their final tour. Very professional and efficient.
Although, we got seated tickets like we wanted, we ended up in the mosh pit. But it was a good show so we had a good time.
Very pleased with the service :)
 476   Positive   r m x
Name sara    Date 2013/02/06
I ordered few stationary items~ Everything went nice and smooth as always. :)
 475   Positive   r m x
Name Diyana Date 2013/02/03
Ordered BIGBANG's final show tickets via Reina, and it was a smooth process throughout (which is awesome seeing that it's really hard to get their tickets on your own if you're from overseas).

What she says she'll do, you can be assured that she'll get it done.

Wouldn't hesitate to use her service again!
 474   Positive   r m x
Name James    Date 2013/01/23
Everything was very well conducted. Thank you!
 473   Positive   r m x
Name Stephanie    Date 2013/01/22
This is the second time I order concert tickets via Reina.. It was always a great experience.. Very serious, professional and trustworthy, I'll definitey order here again in the future..
Thank you very much :)
 472   Quick Transaction!   r m x
Name Kouji    Date 2012/12/26
Very quick this time, and good service as always!
 471   Positive   r m x
Name Ondine    Date 2012/12/17
Another time with Reina! It was fast, and I love everything I received. Thanks a lot, hope to order again with her!
 470   Positive   r m x
Name Ann    Date 2012/11/25
First time transacting with Reina and I must say she's a professional and gets things done! She had me worried for a second when she emailed me to say that she had overlooked the TVXQ concert reserved seating tickets I requested but she had gotten me standing ones instead, which turned out to be a great view. Thanks so much and I'll certainly get her help again next time :)
 469   Feedback   r m x
Name Annabelle    Date 2012/10/29
My second time ordering with Reina. She's faaaaabulous!! She is kind, helpful, and professional. I thank her so much for helping me!! Also, thanks for the note in my package! (PS: the coat looks great.) Thank you so much!
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