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 468   Positive   r m x
Name Elizabeth    Date 2012/10/25
This is the second time I've ordered with Reina! The first time I believe she was a bit ill, so naturally this time was different. Very speedy, no problems. Quicker than another shopping service I was going to use... she replied to my order while I was still waiting for the other to reply to my 3 emails (one of the order, one of an order change, and the last cancelling he order). It came in a nicely packaged box. Great service!
 467   Positive   r m x
Name Christelle    Date 2012/10/06
It was the second time that I ordered with Reina.
The quality of the service is very good. Even if there was a problem with an article that wasn't in the package, she has recommended it and then sent it to me free of charge. So thank you Reina ! (:
I look forward to ordering again~
 466   postive   r m x
Name Jessy    Date 2012/09/28
I've lost count how many times I've asked Reina to help me order from gmarket and she's always so helpful and friendly.
This time reply was a little slower as she can only reply on the weekend but everything went smoothly.
My package came safely packed and everything was as I ordered. Definitely recommended!
 465   Positive   r m x
Name Lee    Date 2012/09/27
Got my books safely. Thanks!
 464   Positive   r m x
Name Linna    Date 2012/08/23
Positive experience
Thanks you so much!!!
 463   Positive   r m x
Name Kouji Date 2012/08/07
Fast service, I hope I didn't give you too much trouble!
 462   Positive   r m x
Name isB    Date 2012/08/01
My 2nd time ordering~
Replied promptly.
All items were in perfect condition when delivered.
Even had a small note of Reina's greetings! =) Thanks a lot!
 461   Positive   r m x
Name anindita    Date 2012/07/24
i got my tickets to Shinee Concert from Reina! thank you so much for helping me a lot! <3
 460   Positive   r m x
Name Sara    Date 2012/07/17
This was my 3rd time shopping whit Reina, and everything was great, as usual! :) I recommend
 459   Positive   r m x
Name Kelvin    Date 2012/06/25
First time ordering and it has been a very positive experience...Thank you very much!
 458   positive   r m x
Name ramona    http://- Date 2012/06/15
Another positive experience! Thank you very much Reina! :]
 457   Positive   r m x
Name Ornella    Date 2012/06/08
First time ordering from Reina and I received it really quickly ! :) The tickets I bought were well-located and worth the price ! Thank you Reina and sorry for ma late feedback !
 456   Positive   r m x
Name Ondine    Date 2012/06/08
This is my second time ordering with Reina and everything was good as the first time, if not better! I was a little worried because I didn't use EMS service this time, but the package arrived safely and not damaged. I love the clothes and I'm can't wait to order again!
 455   Positive   r m x
Name Munirah    Date 2012/06/04
This is my first time ordering with Reina and I have to say, she did a very good job! My friends and I had lots of fun during SJ's encore concert in Seoul, all thanks to Reina. Will definitely order through her in the future! ^^
 454   Positive   r m x
Name Roosa    Date 2012/05/29
After a long while, I placed an order with Reina again. Everything went smoothly and I'm very happy about everything in my order. Thank you Reina!! :)
 453   positive   r m x
Name Winnie    Date 2012/05/05
It's been a while since I used Reina's service (used her service numerous times before the website ordering restrictions), so when I discovered she was open to any website ordering again, I, of course placed another order.

This is my first time using the deposit system; I find it fair for both Reina and the buyer and somewhat easier to budget with money.

Service: it took a little longer for her to reply compared to the ealier years but that is understandable and she did post her replying/service schedule so it was somewhat expected.

Shipping: Items were packaged securely and safely so all the items came undamaged and in tact. Very fast shipping took 2-3 days from Korea to Canada)

Note of advice: if you want Reina to mark the package as a gift and whatnot, tell her in advance or with your order details.

Will definitely use her service again! =)
 452   Positive   r m x
Name Hayleigh    Date 2012/04/30
This is my fourth time ordering with Reina and the first time I've ordered using the new deposit system.

The deposit system that Reina introduced is a welcome change. I find it fair to both myself and Reina.

My order (placed at the beginning of March) was delayed for various reasons. Reina had to go on an emergency business trip for two weeks, which I only found out about via Twitter. A quick notice on the website would have also been helpful, especially for first time customers. The business trip delayed communications for a few weeks, but I eventually got to pay for my shipping option.

It then turned out that due to Reina's post office not having any of the correct labels left, my package was not shipped for over a week and a half. Reina very kindly offered to remedy this by offering a free upgrade to the next shipping option as an apology for the wait and previous delays. The package was received very quickly and it was well packed.

I am not leaving neutral/negative feedback because certain events were outside of Reina's control. Communications did suffer but this is the only time I've experienced any problems and I appreciate Reina's efforts to remedy the situation.

I will be using the shopping service again in future.
 451   Fantastic Service   r m x
Name MShree    Date 2012/03/22
This is my third time using Reina's shopping service and I am very satisfied once again!

This time, I was unable to send payment to Reina for two weeks after I placed my order, but Reina was understanding and kept track of my order regardless! My items arrived in perfect condition.

The new deposit requirement is just an extra step but the service is still easy to use. I will definitely be using Reina again in the future. Fantastic Service!
 450   Neutral   r m x
Name Hadiya    Date 2012/03/21
I have used Reina's shopping service about 3-4 times in the past few years. Every time I never left feedback, because it was never positive like all the other customers and would seem suddenly mean. I continued to use the service because it was the only I could find with good knowledge of the k-fashion shops and I had still received my items.
When I saw that the service had returned and was now requesting deposits with orders, I took that as a sign that the service had improved. A shopping service that requires you to pay first sets itself some expectations of service.

Accepting that the service was not open everyday I placed an order and received an email 3 days later informing me that the order had already been placed and requesting me to pay the remainder - this was good.

However, a shopping service that requires you to pay first should not allow you to wait almost 2 weeks wondering what's happened to your item/s, email them first and only then say the package has arrived. They should email you back to confirm every payment you make is received and they shouldn't allow you to have to wait a a further 2 weeks to send the items which you wanted soon as you paid for EMS shipping (if you have to wait for that the shipping payment should be refunded). Also they should have at least let you know that your first choice item wasn't available to order, so when you open the package that you waited so long for it's not a surprise.

This feedback isn't negative because all the orders I made were received eventually. Reina always marks the packages down by request and when you open the package her little notes make all the rage melt away. It's touches like that with make this neutral, but I won't be using this shopping service again.

 449   Positive   r m x
Name Sukhumawadee    Date 2012/03/11
I got BIGBANG Big Show 2012 ticktes from Reina. I heard that the ticket war this year was the worst, but Reina could give the tickets to me.

Although it was a bit stressful during all processes, but I really appreciate her service.

The concert was super gooood!!! I had so much fun.

Thank you so much again Reina. You are the best!
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