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 448   Positive!   r m x
Name Anissa    Date 2012/03/08
Big Bang's Alive tour was awesome! Thank you Reina for helping me to get the tickets. Although it's a bit stressful, but I don't mind because I know the ticket war for this year's concert was the worst. As long as I could watch Big Bang I'm fine with it. A little advice from me, maybe if you limit the order, you won't have too much problem. Just an advice though. Anyway looking forward for using your service again. Thank you so much for everything!
 447   Postive: Thank You!!   r m x
Name Momo    Date 2012/03/07
Big Bang concert was a blast! i had loads of fun.

i dunno what happened and how did it happened, but me and my sister ended up at the stading area where as my tixs was supposed to be at the seated area.

Because so many people (yg staff) telling us different direction, yeah we were at the standing area.

Oh my god, Reina. i didnt know that the standing area, people had to q according to their ticket number. all this while i thot those who came early and q first will get to go in front. nope, its the other way round. I like it!! this is somewhat different than any other concert i have been to (standing pit).

I had the best time in my life at the standing area. And u were right, it was so close to the stage and can actually see them clearly.

my next yg family 2012, am so gonna go for standing area too.

Thanks Reina for your help!!
 446   Positive for BIG SHOW   r m x
Name Bianca    Date 2012/03/07
Thank you so so much for everything Reina. It was a once in a lifetime experience and it wouldn't have been possible without your help so thank you. Despite the ticket war and everything you managed to get tickets and just thank you. <3
 445   Negative   r m x
Name M    Date 2012/02/29
Very bad experience! I was super stressed dealing with Bigshow tickets. It would have been so much better if I have bought tickets at Gmarket myself! aigoo!
 444   Positive   r m x
Name Jennifer    Date 2012/02/20
Thanks again Reina!! You sent out my package promptly. Thanks for repackaging it so that it was lighter ^^
 443   Positive   r m x
Name Rachel    Date 2012/02/18
Reina has been very helpful and patient the whole time. The shipping was also very fast. I will order from Reina again whenever I need products from Korea.
 442   Positive   r m x
Name Linda    Date 2012/02/12
Fast and excellent service!
I will order from Reina again if I need to order something from Korea.
 441   Positive   r m x
Name Sara    Date 2012/01/30
This was my second time ordering whit Reina. This time there were couple of delays but they were totally reasonable, and some of them came from my side too. So I'd totally recommend Reina's service!
 440   Positive   r m x
Name Nicola    Date 2012/01/13
Reina's service has been brilliant for the past few years that I have ordered from her. Thank you for my most recent order which was shipped quickly without any fuss (and for the christmas card too :)).
 439   Positive for YG Family Concert   r m x
Name Fish    Date 2012/01/10
I have been very so lucky to be able to reserve my tickets thro' Reina for the last YG concert 2011.. she totally made this concert such a brilliant experience as i got exactly what i wanted, a seated ticket on the first day & a standing ticket for the last day. My seating ticket is God-send cos its Right in the middle of the sect 9 which is behind the console, i couldn't ask for a more better seat.. this is my First concert in KR and i enjoyed myself totally.. Thank you for all your help, Reina. Definitely a great service :)
 438   Positive   r m x
Name M    Date 2012/01/07
I ordered YG concert tickets at the last minute and Reina was absolutely wonderful. Great communication, accommodating and friendly. The mail out of the tickets was amazingly quick (especially as it was international) and I managed to get them before my trip. Yay! Many, many thanks Reina. I highly recommend your services.
 437   Thank you   r m x
Name Rachel Date 2012/01/05
Reina helped me order a faceup for my doll. I really appreciate it as it's not easy, and a time-consuming process. She kept me updated every step of the way, and I was extremely satisfied with her service.

Thank you so much Reina. I will definitely use your service again! :)
 436   my order   r m x
Name Jessica    Date 2011/12/26
Thanks for your christmas card :)
Reina is definitly the best !
It was my 3rd or 4st time order. I recommend :)

 435   Positive   r m x
Name Ondine    Date 2011/12/23
It's my first time with Reina, I was worried about shipping time and communication, but she was very kind and she did everything well. I'm very happy and I'll definitely use her service again! :)

Thank you so much
 434   GREAT   r m x
Name Magdalena Date 2011/12/18
I have despaired over everything pretty I have been unable to order from korean cloting shops for years. So I was so glad to find this site! Great site! Great service! :)
 433   Positive   r m
Name Antonin Vieux    Date 2011/12/13
This is the second time I order with "KoreanShoppingservice"
And this time, too, it was perfect.
I received my item today, with a christmas card.
I'm additional here   r m x
Name SasseLiax    Date 2012/05/03
Today is virtuous weather, isn't it?
 432   I'm additional here   r m x
Name SasseLiax    Date 2012/05/03
Today is virtuous weather, isn't it?
I'm additional here   r m x
Name SasseLiax    Date 2012/05/03
Today is virtuous weather, isn't it?
 431   YG FAMILY CONCERT   r m x
Name emjei Date 2011/12/05
i had planned a trip to korea for the past year and it wasn't until 2 months ago i found out YG family concert will be occurring during my stay in seoul.
i researched so hard to find ways a foreigner can get tickets and i found REINA and was extremely pleased with how helpful she was!
my brother and i had a blast at the YG FAMILY CONCERT yesterday!
 430   YG FAM CONCERT   r m x
Name verna    Date 2011/12/03
Thank you Thank you thank you for getting the YG Fam concert tickets for me. I was SUUUUPER worried they would run out, but thanks for coming through. :)
I was worried about getting my tickets in time, but they arrived! SOOOOO EXCITED for tomorrow. Thanks again! :)
Will definitely order here again, perhaps the Infinite concert tickets?! ;)
 429   Positive   r m x
Name Kelly    Date 2011/11/30
Thank you so much for helping me get YG Family Concert 2011 tickets.

There was some allocation issues because I was ordering for 3 people and she didn't have 3 seats together on the day i wanted. She managed to get me tickets for the three seats for another day.

On top of that I managed to get two standing tickets last minute. All 5 of us are going to the same concert!

Reina and her team are amazing and super fast at responding. One satisfied customer.    
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