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 408   Positive   r m x
Name Zorayda    Date 2011/08/15
Reina is amazing! Like really! A true lifesaver for all of us who live far away from Korea. A friend of mind introduced me to her and I totally don't regret it. All I had to do was tell her what I wanted then paid and then voila, before I knew it, I already got the tickets for the concert! Thank you Reina! You are awesome! Great great service!
 407   positive   r m x
Name dixie    Date 2011/08/12
repeat customer. always happy with the service!
 406   Positive   r m x
Name Marie    Date 2011/08/06
Reina answered any questions right away. Order got delivered in a timely manner and was properly packaged. Will be back! Thanks!
 405   positive   r m x
Name Jennifer    Date 2011/08/01
i've ordered from Reina several times already, i've lost count! Top notch service, i'm very happy with the items and the service! Thanks again xoxo
 404   positive   r m x
Name nicole    Date 2011/07/26
great service from reina! my package arrived today in perfect condition. reina was also very prompt with ordering and shipping. I will definitely order again!
thanks reina! :)
 403   Positive   r m x
Name Hayleigh    Date 2011/07/22
Another positive experience with Reina! She ordered and shipped my clothes in such a timely manner. Despite getting hit by UK customs (again), I received the package just over a week and a half after the delivery date. Oh and the little extra gift was so nice! It really made my day.

Thanks again, Reina! Hope to do business with you again soon! <3
 402   SUPER positive!!!!   r m x
Name Janick    Date 2011/07/19
i had my first experience with Reina's shopping service in May, and i was so happy that i re ordered 1month later! well i just got my 2nd order :) and i'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally happy of it!!!!!!! reina is really friendly, responssible and helpful! she's the number 1!! :p i'll for sure re order from her!!!!
 401   Concert ticket!   r m x
Name Christopher Date 2011/07/14
Got my SNSD standing tickets through Reina. Very helpful and fast communication, probably wouldn't have got tickets with out her (Y)

 400   Positive   r m x
Name Rachel    Date 2011/07/14
Me and my friend did a group order with Reina. She always communicated clearly and quickly about the status of the order. Everything was packaged securely. Delivery was fast. We will definitely order again!
 399   Concert ticket (:   r m x
Name Ng Min Date 2011/07/13
I got my Girls' Generation standing ticket through Reina! Trust me, she's really helpful. Well-spent money (:
 398   Positive   r m x
Name Jenny    Date 2011/07/12
I got my BB creams right after 1-week shipping.
Thanks Reina for you good service as usual.
 397   Positive   r m x
Name Staci    Date 2011/07/10
Great service as usual.  Really fats devilery too.  Expected to take two weeks, got it in one.  Will prob shop again. :))
 396   Positive   r m x
Name A    Date 2011/07/05
Very helpful with inquires and great communication. Everything got delivered just as ordered. Great service. Thanks Reina!
 395   Positive   r m x
Name H    Date 2011/06/28
Reina runs the premier Korean Shopping service. My items arrived safely, she marked the value down.
 394   positive   r m x
Name Annette    Date 2011/06/28
Reina provides absolutely amazing service-- not only is she very friendly, but she is also willing to communicate with the shops and check for availability! I love the way she always gets the best deals on shipping prices! Thank you, Reina!
 393   Good service   r m x
Name Jenny    Date 2011/06/26
Reina was very good. I am satisfied on the whole, with the whole transaction process, from the beginning until the order was delivered. I like how fast she is. Would definitely consider her services again.
 392   Positive   r m x
Name Dixie    Date 2011/06/19
Helpful and quick service! Repackaged so my box would be lighter and she refunded the difference :) Thanks! I really appreciate it
 391   Positive!!   r m x
Name An Date 2011/06/18
Reina provides the best service! She's quick to respond to messages and get the job done! I'll probably be back for another order once the money rolls in again :]
 390   POSITIVE   r m x
Name Emma    Date 2011/06/17
can never be unsatisfied with reina's shopping service, its perfect.
my trust to reina is 100% :)
will be back soon with another order!
thank you <3
 389   Positive   r m x
Name Michelle    Date 2011/06/15
I've forgotten how many times I've used reina's shopping service. reina was great as usual ;] she was kind enough to make the package lighter making the shipping fee less and refunded me the difference. (: Thank you so much!!
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