Dear Valued Customers,

We have made a difficult decision to temporarily close our business from 2016/09/15.
It is our eighth year of service after we opened our service on 2008.
We were very happy to help international customers to purchase products in Korea, and to help them to attend concerts of various artists.
However, PayPal had applied 100% reserve on our incoming funds, and each of them can be released only after 2 months.
It made serious problem on our cash flow. We waited for last 6 months hoping for re-review, but PayPal decided not to remove the reserve in near future.
At this moment we have no other alternatives to receive payments, and it lead us to the decision to close our business until we have any solutions.
Please email us if you have any suggestions or solutions.
All pending orders will be handled without problem.
We want to thank all customers for your support. We hope to be back soon and continue shopping with you.

Best Wishes,
Reina and the Korean Shopping Service Team

Note: We are willing to help if it doesn't involve PayPal, or it is something that is not accepted from other services.
Examples are as below;
1) You can pay in Korean Won by bank transfer.
2) Your order is for an individual artists, not a company; such as doujin artists or doll artists.
3) Your order is something that other shopping services were unable to handle.

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