Welcome to Reina's Korean Shopping Service page!
I'm happy to assist you with your shopping for Korean websites that you can't order directly.

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Work timetable
Respond to new orders: Saturday & Sunday
Update on existing orders: Saturday & Sunday
Shipping: Once a week depending on the pickup date
Reply to questions: Saturday & Sunday
Please give us some time to process your order based on this timetable :)
Also, please understand time difference between your country and Korea.

March 5 to 8
During this period I will be able to try for ticket purchases.
However, I will not able to reply to new orders and access to Paypal.
Please expect my reply by March 13.
I will check the mail regularly and will be able to send reply for urgent cases.

Rest Day
February 28 (Sun)

South Korean Public Holidays 2016
January 1: New Year's Day
February 7, 8, 9, 10: Lunar New Year's Day
March 1: Independence Movement Day
April 13: Election Day
May 5: Children's day
May 14: Buddha's Birthday
June 6: Memorial Day
August 15: Independence Day
September 14, 15, 16: Chuseok Holidays
October 3: National Foundation Day
October 9: Hangul Day
December 25: Christmas
*Please expect shipping delays in public holidays.

How to Order
1. Before sending the form, please make a deposit of USD 50/EUR 30 to orochinakuru@hanmail.net using Paypal
2. Send the order form on the menu on your left.
Your order is final-you can add more items but you can't cancel any items.
3. We will give you the quote and place the order.
4. Please pay the difference.
5. Once your package arrives, We may unpack the package to check the items.
Then we weigh the package and send the shipping quote.
6. Please make the payment for shipping and we will send the items.
We will send you an e-mail with shipping informations like tracking number, etc.
7. When you have received the package, please kindly leave feedback here :)
Please read all information on this page, and ask us any questions if you're not sure with anything.
Happy Shopping!

+Buying from single shop
Order over 75,000 KRW: 20% of total items
Order below 75,000 KRW: Flat fee of 15 EUR/15 USD

+Buying from multiple shop
Orders over 100,000 KRW: 20% of total items
Orders below 100,000 KRW: 10 EUR/10 USD fee per each website

+Repackaging fee: 20% of shipping fee (10% for EMS packages)

Fees include paypal fee and possible exchange rate changes.

Our basic shipping option is EMS.
Other options are for whitelisted websites only.
1) Normal airmail package/Small Packet (7-14 days to Europe/North America): No tracking at all
2) Registered mail (7-14 days to Europe/North America): Gives tracking number
3) Insured Package (7-14 days to Europe/North America): Tracking number+insurance
4) EMS (under 5 days to Europe/North America) (N/A to Italy): Fast, tracking, insurance
I ship worldwide.
Depending on your post office's policy, you may have to pick up your registered mail package from your local post office.
Our post office do not work on Weekends and Korean holidays.

Example of Shipping Fee
+A pair of shoes to Europe/North America/Australasia:
1) EMS: 30000 KRW
2) Insured: 22800 KRW
3) Registered: 21000 KRW
4) Small Packet: 9000 KRW

+1kg=2.2lbs to Europe/North America/Australasia:
1) Normal airmail package/Small Packet - 9,000 KRW
4) EMS - 30,000 KRW

+2kg=4.5lbs to Europe/North America/Australasia:
1) Normal airmail package/Small Packet - 18,000 KRW
4) EMS - 47,800 KRW

+Please refer to "Shipping" section for detailed shipping chart.

We only accept PAYPAL.

We accept EURO and US DOLLAR++.
1 EUR=1150 KRW
1 USD=1000 KRW
++We apply fixed exchage rate, because of many troubles and inconvenience.
Exchange rate changes every minute. Even though we apply most recent exchange rate,
it changes when buyers pay the invoice after 1 or 2 days. So it's not very meaningful at the end.
Paypal's exchange rate, which is the actual rate they put on our bank account in Korea,
is lower than middle rate-the rate you can find from xe.com or any other service;
For example if xe.com says 1 USD=1200 KRW, paypal says 1 USD=1100 KRW.
So the fixed exchange rate is close to what we actually receive.
We'll change the fixed rate once in a while to keep it current.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause,
we hope this fixed rate will help buyers to determine how much they should pay before I send invoice.
+++Exchange rate updated on 25 October 2015.

1) If you paid 50 USD/30 EUR deposit but the item was out of stock
when we checked for quote, we will return the full deposit.
2) If we have placed the order but part of the order was out of stock, 
you'll receive full refund for equivalent amount. This will be used for international shipping fee, 
and any remaining amount will be refunded after we ship the package.
3) If we have placed the order but everything from your order was 
out of stock, or anything relevent to it happens, so you're willing to cancel the whole order; 
we will charge 3 USD/3 EUR for handling fee and refund the remaining amount.
4) If there is a serious trouble with refund from the seller/website, 
we will charge 5 USD/5 EUR for handling fee.
Example of such case: The seller does not catch multiple phone calls and does 
not respond to emails. The seller sends wrong item and we have to return it.
5) If actual shipping fee is less than we estimated, we will refund the difference.
6) If the order is cancelled due to our fault, we will issue full refund.

+Most Korean websites are small business and they have limited stock.
Your desired item could be sold out very soon.
Please give us an inquiry right after you decided to buy, and pay the deposit as soon as possible to get what you want.
+Even after an order was placed, items still can run out of stock. If that happens, they'll refund us.
+Once we receive the package, we check if the correct item was received.
We check the quantity and compare it with the picture on the website, but sometimes we can miss slight difference.
If it is the fault of the seller to send wrong items, we are not responsible for their mistake.
+We mark every package as gift, to help you save on customs duty.
Therefore we don't put any commercial invoice or legal document with the package.
Please be aware of your customs office's requirements and request us anything if needed.
+Customs duty can be charged upon your customs office's decision, and it is due customer.
+Our service is on Ex-Work term, buyer pay all shipping fee, duty and tax.
+I am not your free translator.

E-mail address: queenreina@naver.com